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accumulators Accutrade

About the project

LLC Akkutreyd Plus is a leading Russian company which specializes in delivery of rechargeable batteries for use in various devices and cars (uninterruptible power supply units as well as alternative power engineering). The company has been in the market for more than 12 years and has a dealer network across all Russia, and also representative offices in Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Republic of Belarus.

For development of the retail direction it was required to remake completely the current website, having turned it from a corporate infosite into a modern instrument of sales.

We begin with basic scenarios of users’ behavior, prototyping, a mood board and "cold" research of the market.
There is no any unnecessary information at the homepage. It has a demonstrable menu of the catalog, fast selection of accumulators by characteristics, popular offers.

Search of goods

Ordinary buyers, as a rule, don't want (and shouldn't) understand technical features of selection of the accumulator. We have developed 3 main entry points in the catalog for 3 main types of visitors: the intuitive menu with evident icons for "clickers", "clever" search for searrchers and selection by parameters for experts. It was created for the convenience of users.

Catalog of goods

It is easy to be guided in the catalog due to an instant filtration of results by means of Ajax-technology. Since the production of the company rather uniform, we have provided 2 types of viewing of commodity selection: an evident tabular style and compact linear in which it is possible to compare goods rather quickly.

Goods card

On a card of goods it is possible to obtain exhaustive information about goods and, if necessary, it is easy to find its analogs. All basic information (area of conversion, photos, main characteristics and delivery) is in the first screen. As a rule, accumulators are issued in series, therefore it is important to show to a customer other goods of a series for comparison.

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