Furniture online store

About the project

The Involux company has been producing furniture since 1998 and it is one of the largest furniture producers at the territory of the CIS. The company sells the furniture worldwide and millions of people use it. To provide continuous process of purchase sale, our team has offered some decisions to improve the manufacturing execution system 1S:UPP which initially couldn't be used for Internet sales directly. Such integration has allowed to automate the shop’s work not only from the buyer’s, but also from the customer’s side.

There are no rotators of goods on the website: all important information is displayed with a possibility of downloading a bigger quantity of USP at once. It allows to focus visitor’s attention on goods.

Yanchenko Vitaly, deputy director for marketing of CJSC Involux:

"The Involux online store has become a big and interesting innovative project for our Company. Working on the project has demanded involvement of considerable resources from both companies and, it should be noted, the result is worth it. For today — not only a modern and convenient platform for the choice and purchase of our furniture. It is one of the most important and perspective direction of sales development, it covers the main production phases and realization (production - goods-retail-buyer)".

Ready furniture placement

Often people look for not a separate subject of an interior, but an opportunity to harmoniously equip space entirely. For the solution of this task the buyer has an opportunity to study the ready standard " furniture placement " created by skilled designers of Involux. The " furniture placement " consists of a photorealistic render and separate objects that give a freedom of choice and opens flexible opportunities for cross-sale of goods. Purchase of a " furniture placement " is a complex order thus it is often cheaper than separately acquired goods.

Catalog of goods and search

The furniture is divided on types of rooms in which it is possible to navigate both on ready “furniture placement ", and by types of home decoration. Results of product selection can be sorted by materials, the price or popularity. Besides, by means of "clever search" it is possible, without leaving the current page, to find necessary goods and to put it in a shopping cart at the same time.

Convenient shopping cart

Registration of purchase happens in one step. At the same time there are great opportunities in the shopping cart: online payment, sale of additional services (assembly, rise), instant recalculation on Ajax. The shopping cart defines whether it is possible "to make" a ready “furniture placement” and suggests the buyer to save money.

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