Retail network

About the project

The SAS is the largest and popular retail network in Armenia. So the decision to develop online store with delivery of products to the house has been made in order to enter the new market.

We have created strong architectural concept on a basis 1C-Bitriks which included development of a mobile application for internal management of orders (the interface of a collector which collects orders in a warehouse, and the interface for a driver which delivers purchases). Food, unlike other goods, have to be quickly delivered to avoid its damage and to keep relevance for the buyer (who want to receive the bread for tomorrow?). At the same time it is was necessary to think over delivery economy that there was no need to contain a big staff of drivers and at the same time it was easy to process orders in "rush hours".

Despite all internal complexity for the ordinary buyer, Sas always remains a standard of simplicity of purchases, convenient search and easy payment (it has 7 types of electronic payment!). Considering the shop region, it exists in 3 languages and 3 currencies. It is possible to state that the Sas shop in the region just has no competitors, he has forced out all.

Since the first version of the website was launched, the design of the shop was constantly modernized to correspond to the extending range of goods. New functions and opportunities have been appearing, business has been changing and the flexible design has been easily transforming under all needs. Internal tools for processing of orders by several operators have been improving so that the orders taken by phone and via the website could get to the general base. Сollectors capacity is distributed automatically depending on the amount of purchase.

We were one of the first who have introduced "clever" search of Sphinx in 1C-Bitrix. Now it is possible to order everything that is required from the homepage without addressing the catalog directly!


The website cardinally changes its appearance on phone, leaving only the most necessary things. That was made to adapt and increase the speed of work on mobile devices. On the desktop version the buyer sees a lot of colors, special offers and new recipes. But if he has come from the mobile phone, it means he needs to buy something immediately and there is no sense to load valuable kilobytes on a GSM network. We also provided an opportunity to switch between versions.

«Floating» shopping cart

The «floating» basket of the catalog in the list of goods allows to buy goods directly from the list. You can also see the structure of the order without additional movements. At once the analogy to real experience of purchases arises: you go between shelves and you put pleasant things in the cart. Only now it isn't necessary to come back to any department to lay out or change quantity of goods.

Representative and informational content

Besides the main menu, each subcategory of goods has its own icon-illustration that allows to be guided easily in a big amount of information. You can simply filter the list of products according to chosen parameters. And there is sufficient information about a product on a card of goods so that there is no more need to read small text on a label.

Pleasant purchases

The stage of registration of goods consists of only 1 step. Though, it is required to enter a certain amount of information, standard for any online store about itself, it seems to the customer that the registration is going quicker (because of the turned areas and an automatic podskroll to necessary fields).

System of loyalty

The Sas Group network has a large number of shops and brands which are integrated into uniform system of loyalty. It is easy to look at all information on the discounts and the saved-up points in a private office.

Collector interface

To manage such a big shop it was required to set separate web interfaces and applications for operators, collectors of orders and drivers. Each buyer has a log where all purchases are registered. In the future this will give the possibility to recommend him necessary goods and to accelerate the process of purchases.

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